Awareness of digital marketing in modern businesses

   I think, it is impossible to achieve long term business success without taking the benefits of Internet in this digital world. Digital marketing is the greatest invention of Information technology. The overall marketing includes many things like public relation, advertisement, promotion and sales which subsequently impact on business growth. In traditional business, it’s somehow difficult to promote your business globally. But digital marketing is a modern tool which helps you to promote your products and services all over the world. Digital marketing is a broad term which includes many concepts like search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), blogging, email marketing, SMS, MMS, social marketing, etc. Now digital marketing is growing at a very fast pace because most of entrepreneurs have understood that without digital presence it is not possible to do long term success in business. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”.
   A successful business depends upon customer's needs, demand and satisfaction. Effective communication is the best way to understand customer's demands, problems and their solutions. In digital or online marketing, it is possible to communicate with millions of potential customers in the real world. Here we can easily communicate with our customers through some channels like email, social media, member portals, online newsletters and text or multimedia messaging through the smart phone. In digital business we can also use customer relationship management systems (CRM) to acquire valuable data for understanding customer behaviors and future needs.
   To conclude, in the modern age, it is proved that digital marketing is the best way to promote your products or services to the global market just by sitting at your home or at your office.