AutoCAD 2007 for Dummies

by David Byrnes, Mark Middlebrook
Author(s):David Byrnes, Mark Middlebrook
Language: English
Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc
Published Date: April, 2006
ISBN: 0471786497
Total Pages: 435

About the book AutoCAD 2007 for Dummies

AutoCAD 2007 for Dummies is a CIVIL ENGINEERING book which was published by Wiley Publishing, Inc on April, 2006 . David Byrnes, Mark Middlebrook are the authors of this book. This book is written in English and has 435 number of pages.

From the book: "It’s amazing to think that AutoCAD came into being over two decades ago, at a time when most people thought that personal computers weren’t capable of industrial-strength tasks like CAD. (The acronym stands for Computer-Aided Drafting, Computer-Aided Design, or both, depending on whom you talk to.) It’s almost as amazing that, more than 20 years after its birth, AutoCAD remains the king of the microcomputer CAD hill by a tall margin. Many competing CAD programs have come to challenge AutoCAD; many have fallen, and a few are still around. One hears rumblings that the long-term future of CAD may belong to special-purpose, 3D-based software such as the Autodesk Inventor and Revit programs. Whether those rumblings amplify into a roar remains to be seen, but for the present and the near future anyway, AutoCAD is where the CAD action is"


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