Concise Hydraulics

by Dawei Han
Author(s):Dawei Han
Language: English
Publisher: BookBoon
Published Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-87-7681-396-3
Total Pages: 182

About the book Concise Hydraulics

Concise Hydraulics is a CIVIL ENGINEERING book which was published by BookBoon in 2009. Dawei Han is the author of this book. This book is written in English and has 182 number of pages.

Concise Hydraulics book gives you proper introduction on hydraulics that covers the fundamental theories like continuity, energy and momentum equations. It also includes hydro-statics, pipe flow, physical modelling, open channel flow, uniform flow, channel design, critical flow along with rapidly varied flow, hydraulic jump, hydraulic structures, gradually varied flow, computation of flow profile, unsteady flow and hydraulic machinery. This book gives you proper information with comprehensive examples, questions, and full solutions along with relevant graphics.


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