Heavy Timber Construction

by American Forest and Paper Association
Author(s):American Forest and Paper Association
Language: English
Publisher: AWC
Published Date: February 2004
Total Pages: 17

About the book Heavy Timber Construction

Heavy Timber Construction is a CIVIL ENGINEERING book which was published by AWC on February 2004 . American Forest and Paper Association is the author of this book. This book is written in English and has 17 number of pages.

From the book : "Heavy timber construction is one of the oldest types of buildings used in the development of this country. Its superior performance has been demonstrated in thousands of buildings during the past hundred and fifty years, many of which are still in satisfactory use. As originally conceived, the heavy timber building was a multi-story structure, designed and used primarily for industrial and storage purposes. Today, its use has been expanded to include many other occupancies. It is commonly used for assembly and mercantile buildings, such as schools, churches, auditoriums, gymnasiums, supermarkets, and for various other structures"


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