Introduction to AutoCAD 2008: 2D and 3D Design

by Alf Yarwood
Author(s):Alf Yarwood
Language: English
Publisher: Newnes
Published Date: 11st May, 2007
ISBN: 0750685123
Total Pages: 370

About the book Introduction to AutoCAD 2008: 2D and 3D Design

Introduction to AutoCAD 2008: 2D and 3D Design is a CIVIL ENGINEERING book which was published by Newnes on 11st May, 2007 . Alf Yarwood is the author of this book. This book is written in English and has 370 number of pages.

The purpose of this book is to produce a text suitable for those in Further and/or Higher Education who are required to learn how to use the CAD software package AutoCAD® 2008. Students taking examinations based on computer-aided design will find the contents of the book of great assistance. The book is also suitable for those in industry who wish to learn how to construct technical drawings with the aid of AutoCAD 2008 and those who, having used previous releases of AutoCAD, wish to update their skills in the use of AutoCAD. The chapters dealing with two-dimensional (2D) drawing will also be suitable for those who wish to learn how to use AutoCAD LT 2008, the 2D version of this latest release of AutoCAD. Many readers using AutoCAD 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007 will find the book’s contents largely suitable for use with those versions of AutoCAD, although AutoCAD 2008 has enhancements over AutoCAD 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 (see Chapter 21). The contents of the book are basically a graded course of work, consisting of chapters giving explanations and examples of methods of constructions, followed by exercises which allow the reader to practise what has been learned in each chapter. The first 12 chapters are concerned with constructing technical drawings in 2D. These are followed by chapters detailing the construction of three-dimensional (3D) solid drawings and rendering. The two final chapters describe the Internet tools of AutoCAD 2008 and the place of AutoCAD in the design process. The book finishes with three appendices: printing and plotting; a list of tools with their abbreviations; a list of some of the set variables upon which AutoCAD 2008 is based.


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