C-shell Cookbook

by Malcolm J. Currie
Author(s):Malcolm J. Currie
Language: English
Publisher: Freeware
Published Date: 26th November, 2006

About the book C-shell Cookbook

C-shell Cookbook is a COMPUTER ENGINEERING book and is Freeware on 26th November, 2006 . Malcolm J. Currie is the author of this book. This book is written in English .

This cookbook describes the fundamentals of writing scripts using the UNIX C shell. It shows how to combine Starlink and private applications with shell commands and constructs to create powerful and time-saving tools for performing repetitive jobs, creating data-processing pipelines, and encapsulating useful recipes. The cookbook aims to give practical and reassuring examples to at least get you started without having to consult a UNIX manual. However, it does not offer a comprehensive description of C-shell syntax to prevent you from being overwhelmed or intimidated. The topics covered are: how to run a script, defining shell variables, prompting, arithmetic and string processing, passing information between Starlink applications, obtaining dataset attributes and FITS header information, processing multiple files and filename modification, command-line arguments and options, and loops


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