Genetic Algorithms in Applications (Rustem Popa)

by Rustem Popa
Author(s):Rustem Popa
Language: English
Publisher: IN-TECH
Published Date: 2012, March
Total Pages: 328

About the book Genetic Algorithms in Applications (Rustem Popa)

Genetic Algorithms in Applications (Rustem Popa) is a COMPUTER ENGINEERING book which was published by IN-TECH on 2012, March . Rustem Popa is the author of this book. This book is written in English and has 328 number of pages.

This well-organized book takes the reader through the new and rapidly expanding field of genetic algorithms step by step, from a discussion of numerical optimization, to a survey of current extensions to genetic algorithms and applications. Genetic Algorithms (GAs) are one of several techniques in the family of Evolutionary Algorithms - algorithms that search for solutions to optimization problems by "evolving" better and better solutions. Genetic Algorithms have been applied in science, engineering, business and social sciences. Genetic Algorithms in Applications (Rustem Popa) consists of 16 chapters organized into five sections. The first section deals with some applications in automatic control, the second section contains several applications in scheduling of resources, and the third section introduces some applications in electrical and electronics engineering. The next section illustrates some examples of character recognition and multi-criteria classification, and the last one deals with trading systems. These evolutionary techniques may be useful to engineers and scientists in various fields of specialization, who need some optimization techniques in their work and who may be using Genetic Algorithms in their applications for the first time. These applications may be useful to many other people who are getting familiar with the subject of Genetic Algorithms.


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