Getting Started with JDBC API for J2SE 1.4.2

by Sun Microsystems, Inc
Author(s):Sun Microsystems, Inc
Language: English
Publisher: Sun Microsystems, Inc
Published Date: 1999

About the book Getting Started with JDBC API for J2SE 1.4.2

Getting Started with JDBC API for J2SE 1.4.2 is a COMPUTER ENGINEERING book which was published by Sun Microsystems, Inc in 1999. Sun Microsystems, Inc are the authors of this book. This book is written in English .

This book is based on JDBC API Tutorial and Reference, Second Edition: Universal Data Access for the Javatm 2 Platform, published by Addison Wesley as part of the Java series. From the book: "The JDBC 2.0 API includes all of the API that is part of J2SE, and also the API in the JDBC Standard Extension API. The following list defines various terms used in talking about the JDBC API. JDBC 2.0 API-the complete JDBC API, including both the java.sql package (the JDBC 2.0 core API) and the javax.sql package (the JDBC Standard Extension API). The J2EE, includes the complete JDBC 2.0 API. JDBC 2.0 core API-the package java.sql; the JDBC API that is part of the J2SE, which includes the JDBC 1.0 API plus the new JDBC API added in the java.sql package. Some of the new features in this package are scrollable result sets, batch updates, programmatic updates, and support for the new SQL3 data types. JDBC Standard Extension API-the package javax.sql, which may be downloaded from This package makes it easier to build server-side applications using the Java platform by providing an open architecture that supports connection pooling and distributed transactions that span multiple database servers. The DataSource API plays an integral part in these capabilities and also works with the Javatm Naming and Directory Interfacetm (JNDI) to improve portability and make code maintenance easier. The javax.sql package also provides the RowSet API, which makes it easy to handle data sets from virtually any data source as JavaBeanstm components. java.sql package-the JDBC 2.0 core API, which includes the JDBC 1.0 API plus the new API added in the J2SE javax.sql package-the JDBC Standard Extension API In keeping with the policy of maintaining backward compatibility, applications written using the JDBC 1.0 API will continue to"


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