More Servlets and JavaServer Pages

by Marty Hall
Author(s):Marty Hall
Language: English
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Published Date: 26th December, 2001
ISBN: 0130676144
Total Pages: 752

About the book More Servlets and JavaServer Pages

More Servlets and JavaServer Pages is a COMPUTER ENGINEERING book which was published by Prentice Hall on 26th December, 2001 . Marty Hall is the author of this book. This book is written in English and has 752 number of pages.

This is a practical guide to the use of the Java 2 Platform for Web-enabled applications and dynamic Web sites. Focuses on new capabilities : the standard JSP tag library, filters, life-cycle event listeners, declarative and programmatic security, Web applications, and much more. Soft cover. The book provides everything you need to know to leverage the latest servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 standards: real-world insight, advanced techniques, industrial-strength code, and hands on coverage of three top servers: Apache Tomcat, Macromedia JRun, and New Atlanta ServletExec. Part I: a thorough introduction to programming with servlet and JSP technology. Part II: provides exhaustive details on Web application development and deployment. Part III: describes Web application security in detail. Part IV: covers two features introduced with servlets 2.3: filters and life-cycle events. Part V: looks at new tag library developments.


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