Neural Network Design (Martin T. Hagan)

by Martin T. Hagan
Author(s):Martin T. Hagan
Language: English
Publisher: Martin Hagan
Published Date: 1 September, 2014
ISBN: 0971732116

About the book Neural Network Design (Martin T. Hagan)

Neural Network Design (Martin T. Hagan) is a COMPUTER ENGINEERING book which was published by Martin Hagan on 1 September, 2014 . Martin T. Hagan is the author of this book. This book is written in English .

Neural Network Design (Martin T. Hagan), by the authors of the Neural Network Toolbox for MATLAB, provides a clear and detailed coverage of fundamental neural network architectures and learning rules. In it, the authors emphasize a coherent presentation of the principal neural networks, methods for training them and their applications to practical problems. Features Extensive coverage of training methods for both feedforward networks (including multilayer and radial basis networks) and recurrent networks. In addition to conjugate gradient and Levenberg-Marquardt variations of the backpropagation algorithm, the text also covers Bayesian regularization and early stopping, which ensure the generalization ability of trained networks. Associative and competitive networks, including feature maps and learning vector quantization, are explained with simple building blocks. A chapter of practical training tips for function approximation, pattern recognition, clustering and prediction, along with five chapters presenting detailed real-world case studies. Detailed examples and numerous solved problems.


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