Programming Abstractions in C++ (Eric S. Roberts)

by Eric S. Roberts
Author(s):Eric S. Roberts
Language: English
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Published Date: 7 August, 2013
ISBN: 0133454843

About the book Programming Abstractions in C++ (Eric S. Roberts)

Programming Abstractions in C++ (Eric S. Roberts) is a COMPUTER ENGINEERING book which was published by Prentice Hall on 7 August, 2013 . Eric S. Roberts is the author of this book. This book is written in English .

Programming is a matter of learning by doing. Eric Roberts? Programming Abstractions in C++ gives students opportunities to practice and learn with engaging graphical assignments. A client-first approach to data structures helps students absorb, and then apply the material. Written by a master teacher and author of the highly acclaimed The Art and Science of C, this new book helps students master the fundamentals of data structures while encouraging them to develop strong software engineering skills. By emphasizing modern programming concepts such as interfaces, abstraction, and encapsulation, the text provides an ideal foundation for further study of programming. With his clear explanations and engaging writing style, Professor Roberts leads students through the CS2 curriculum in a way that captures and holds their interest throughout.


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