SUN C++ User's Guide

by Sun Microsystems
Author(s):Sun Microsystems
Language: English
Publisher: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Published Date: 2002

About the book SUN C++ User's Guide

SUN C++ User's Guide is a COMPUTER ENGINEERING book which was published by Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 2002. Sun Microsystems is the author of this book. This book is written in English .

From the book: "This book covers the following topics: C++ Compiler. Chapter 1 provides introductory material about the compiler, such as standards conformance and new features.Chapter 2 explains how to use the compiler and Chapter 3 discusses how to use the compiler's command line options. Writing C++ Programs. Chapter 4 discusses how to compile nonstandard code that is commonly accepted by other C++ compilers. Chapter 5 makes suggestions for setting up and organizing header files and template definitions. Chapter 6 discusses how to create and use templates and Chapter 7 explains various options for compiling templates. Exception handling is discussed in Chapter 8 and information about cast operations is provided in Chapter 9. Chapter 10 discusses performance techniques that strongly affect the C++ compiler. Chapter 11 provides information about building multi-threaded programs. Libraries. Chapter 12 explains how to use the libraries that are provided with the compiler. The C++ standard library is discussed in Chapter 13, the classic io stream library (for compatibility mode) is discussed in Chapter 14, and the complex arithmetic library (for compatibility mode) is discussed in Chapter 15. Chapter 16 provides information about building libraries."


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