Using C and C++ with Fortran

by Nelson H. F. Beebe
Author(s):Nelson H. F. Beebe
Language: English
Publisher: null
Published Date:

About the book Using C and C++ with Fortran

Using C and C++ with Fortran is a COMPUTER ENGINEERING book . Nelson H. F. Beebe is the author of this book. This book is written in English .

Because of the large existing body of software, particularly numerical software, written in Fortran, it is desirable to call Fortran routines from other languages, notably, C and C++. The ISO Fortran committee has tried to work with the ISO C and C++ committees to standardize the inter language calling interface, but the latter committees have been unwilling to do so, on the grounds that it would open the door to demands for interfaces to myriad other languages. Thus, there is currently no international protocol for communication between computer programming languages, and one is unlikely to be developed.


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