Exploring Randomness

by Gregory J. Chaitin
Author(s):Gregory J. Chaitin
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Published Date:

About the book Exploring Randomness

Exploring Randomness is a MECHANICAL ENGINEERING book which was published by Springer Verlag . Gregory J. Chaitin is the author of this book. .

Exploring Randomness presents the technical core of Chaitin's theory of program-size complexity, also known as algorithmic information theory. LISP is used to present the key algorithms and to enable computer users to interact with the author's proofs and discover for themselves how they work. This fundamental assistant to Chaitin's successful books The Unknowable and The Limits of Mathematics, gives the technical core of his theory of program-size intricacy. The two previous volumes are more concerned with applications to meta-mathematics. The LISP code for this book is available at the author's Web site together with a Java applet LISP interpreter. "No one has looked deeper and farther into the abyss of randomness and its role in mathematics than Greg Chaitin. Exploring Randomness tells you everything hes seen. Don miss it." John Casti, Santa Fe Institute, Author of Goedel: A Life of Logic.'


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