Difference and Repetition

by Gilles Deleuze
Author(s):Gilles Deleuze
Language: English
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Published Date: 18th May, 1995
ISBN: 0231081596
Total Pages: 350

About the book Difference and Repetition

Difference and Repetition is a PHILOSOPHY book which was published by Columbia University Press on 18th May, 1995 . Gilles Deleuze is the author of this book. This book is written in English and has 350 number of pages.

Difference and Repetition, a brilliant exposition of the critique of identity, has come to be considered a contemporary classic in philosophy and one of Deleuze's most original works. Successfully defended in 1969 as Deleuze's main thesis toward his Doctorat d'Etat at the Sorbonne, the work has been central in initiating the shift in French thought away from Hegel and Marx, towards Nietzsche and Freud. The text follows the development of two central concepts, those of pure difference and complex repetition. It shows how the two concepts are related - difference implying divergence and decentering, and repetition implying displacement and disguising. In its explication the work moves deftly between Hegel, Kierkegaard, Freud, Althusser, and Nietzsche to establish a fundamental critique of Western metaphysics. Difference and Repetition has become essential to the work of literary critics and philosophers alike, and this translation his been long awaited.


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