Summa Theologica, 5 Vols

by Thomas Aquinas
Author(s):Thomas Aquinas
Language: English
Publisher: Christian Classics
Published Date: 1st January, 1981
ISBN: 0870610635
Total Pages: 3020

About the book Summa Theologica, 5 Vols

Summa Theologica, 5 Vols is a PHILOSOPHY book which was published by Christian Classics on 1st January, 1981 . Thomas Aquinas is the author of this book. This book is written in English and has 3020 number of pages.

Creating a summary of all human knowledge may not be the sort of undertaking we begin in the twenty-first century, but there is still room on our bookshelves for a classic--Summa Theologica, one of the world's oldest and greatest masterpieces. St. Thomas Aquinas has much to teach us--most especially how to confront the classic questions that are still with us after centuries of thought.


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