The World as Will and Representation, Vol 2

by Arthur Schopenhauer, E.F.J. Payne (Translator)
Author(s):Arthur Schopenhauer, E.F.J. Payne (Translator)
Language: English
Publisher: Dover Publications
Published Date: 1st June, 1966
ISBN: 0486217620
Total Pages: 720

About the book The World as Will and Representation, Vol 2

The World as Will and Representation, Vol 2 is a PHILOSOPHY book which was published by Dover Publications on 1st June, 1966 . Arthur Schopenhauer, E.F.J. Payne (Translator) are the authors of this book. This book is written in English and has 720 number of pages.

Arthur Schopenhauer's Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung is one of the most important philosophical works of the 19th century, the basic statement of one important stream of post-Kantian thought. It is without question Schopenhauer's greatest work, and, conceived and published before the philosopher was 30 and expanded 25 years later, it is the summation of a lifetime of thought. For 70 years, the only unabridged English translation of this work was the Haldane-Kemp?collaboration. In 1958, a new translation by E. F. J. Payne appeared which decisively supplanted the older one. Payne's translation is superior because it corrects nearly 1,000 errors and omissions in the Haldane-Kemp translation, and it is based on the definitive 1937 German edition of Schopenhauer's work prepared by Dr. Arthur H?bscher. Payne's edition is the first to translate into English the text's many quotatioins in half a dozen languages, and Mr. Payne has provided a comprehensive index of 2,500 items. It is thus the most useful edition for the student or teacher.


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