Introduction to Sociology

by Ryan T. Cragun, Deborah Cragun
Author(s):Ryan T. Cragun, Deborah Cragun
Publisher: Wikibooks
Published Date: 2006
Total Pages: 301

About the book Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology is a Sociology book which was published by Wikibooks in 2006. Ryan T. Cragun, Deborah Cragun are the authors of this book. and has 301 number of pages.

Sociology is the study of human social life. Human social life is complex and encompasses many facets of the human experience. Because of the complexity, the discipline of sociology subdivided over time into specialty areas. The first section of Introduction to Sociology covers the foundations of sociology, including an introduction to the discipline, the methods of study, and some of the dominant theoretical perspectives. The remaining chapters focus on the different areas of study in sociology.


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