Kinship and Social Organisation

by W. H. R. Rivers
Author(s):W. H. R. Rivers
Publisher: Constable & Co.
Published Date: 1914
ISBN: 0415670446
Total Pages: 124

About the book Kinship and Social Organisation

Kinship and Social Organisation is a Sociology book which was published by Constable & Co. in 1914. W. H. R. Rivers is the author of this book. and has 124 number of pages.

The aim of these lectures is to demonstrate the close connection which exists between methods of denoting relationship or kinship and forms of social organization, including those based on different varieties of the institution of marriage. In other words, my aim will be to show that the terminology of relationship has been rigorously determined by social conditions and that, if this position has been established and accepted, systems of relationship furnish us with a most valuable instrument in studying the history of social institutions.


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