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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 Programming from the Ground Up: An Introduction to Programming using Linux Assembly Language Jonathan Bartlett, Edited by Dominick Bruno, Jr. Bartlett Publishing English
2 Parallel Programming in C for the Transputer D. Thiebaut
3 Gawk: Effective AWK Programming Arnold B Robbins Free Software Foundation English
4 How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: JAVA Programming Allen B. Downey CreateSpace (March 1, 2009) English
5 ANSI C for Programmers on UNIX Systems Tim Love English
6 Presenting JavaBeans Michael Morrison Sams Publishing English
7 Java By Example Clayton Walnum Que Corporation English
8 ZingCOBOL: A Beginner's Guide to Programming in COBOL Timothy R.P.Brown English
9 Touch of Class: Learning to Program Well with Objects and Contracts Bertrand Meyer Springer English
10 Beyond Java Bruce Tate O'Reilly English
11 Java's Security Architecture Bill Venners JavaWorld English
12 Fundamentals of Programming: With OOP, Python Edition Gary Marrer Laptop Press, LLC English
13 C++ FAQs Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, Mike Girou Addison-Wesley English
14 330 Java Tips (Download) English
15 Programming PIC MCUs in BASIC Nebojsa Matic English
16 Introduction to Programming Using Java David J. Eck English
17 Securing Java G. McGraw, E. Felten John Wiley & Sons, Inc. English
18 The Java 3D API Specification Sun Microsystems, Inc Sun Microsystems, Inc English
19 Java Message Service Tutorial Kim Haase Sun Microsystems, Inc English
20 Using C and C++ with Fortran Nelson H. F. Beebe English