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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 An Introduction to Programming in Go (Caleb Doxsey) Go Caleb Doxsey CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform English
2 Factoring JavaBeans in the Enterprise IBM IBM Corp English
3 The Objective-C Programming Language Apple Apple Inc. English
4 Web Programming with Java Michael Girdley, Kathryn A. Jones Sams Publishing English
5 Writing Bug-Free C Code Jerry Jongerius Prentice Hall English
6 Basic Graphics Programming With The Xlib Library Actcom Actcom English
7 Java Notes MIT MIT License English
8 FreeBSD System Programming Nathan Boeger and Mana Tominaga Nathan Boeger and Mana Tominaga English
9 More Servlets and JavaServer Pages Marty Hall Prentice Hall English
10 Programming Fundamentals: A Structured Approach Using C++ Kenneth Leroy Busbee Orange Grove Texts Plus English
11 Microsoft C++ Language Reference microsoft English
12 How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming Matthias Felleisen, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthew Flatt, Shriram Krishnamurthi The MIT Press (February 12, 2001) English
13 Advanced Programming Language Features for Executable Design Patterns Gregory T. Sullivan MIT Press English
14 Incompatibilities Between ISO C and ISO C++ David R. Tribble English
15 Introduction to Programming in Java: An Interdisciplinary Approach Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne Addison Wesley, 1 edition (July 27, 2007) English
16 Emerging Technologies: Java Distributed Computing San Diego State University San Diego State University English
17 Exploring Java Patrick Niemeyer & Joshua Peck O'Reilly English
18 Learn to Program with Visual Basic and .NET Gadgeteer Sue Sentance, Steven Johnston, Steve Hodges, Jan Kučera, James Scott, Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche Microsoft Research English
19 Objects and Java: Building Object-Oriented, Multi-Threaded Applications with Java Bill Venners Bill Venners English
20 Optimizing C++ Steve Heller Prentice-Hall PTR, Chrysalis Software Corporation English