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1 Algorithmic Graph Theory (David Joyner, et al) Sage David Joyner, Minh Van Nguyen, Nathann Cohen Google English
2 PaulOS: An 8051 Real-Time Operating System (Paul P. Debono) Paul P. Debono Bookboon English
3 Software Engineering (Ivan Marsic) Ivan Marsic Ivan Marsic English
4 Purely Functional Data Structures (Chris Okasaki) Chris Okasaki Cambridge University Press English
5 O'Reilly? SVG Essentials (J. David Eisenberg) J. David Eisenberg O'Reilly Media English
6 THE Unix SHELL Guide Norman J. Buchanan & Douglas M. Gingrich Norman J. Buchanan & Douglas M. Gingrich
7 Introduction to The Spring Framework 2.5 Rod Johnson English
8 How Language Works: The Cognitive Science of Linguistics Michael Gasser Indiana University English
9 Web Application Security for Dummies (Mike Shema) Mike Shema John Wiley & Sons, Ltd English
10 The Art of Assembly Language (Randall Hyde) Randall Hyde No Starch Press English
11 O'Reilly? 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know (Kevlin Henney) Kevlin Henney O'Reilly Media English
12 The Performance of Open Source Applications (Tavish Armstrong) Tavish Armstrong, October 6, 2013 English
13 Programming Languages at a Glance (Andreas Hohmann) Andreas Hohmann English
14 Sketchy LISP: Functional Programming in Scheme (Nils M. Holm) Nils M. Holm (September 16, 2006) English
15 Optimization of Computer Programs in C Michael E. Lee English
16 How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: JAVA Programming ?2012 Allen B. Downey CreateSpace (March 1, 2009) English
17 Applicative Computing (Jimmy Or) Affective Computing Jimmy Or I-Tech Education and Publishing English
18 Matters Computational: Ideas, Algorithms, Source Code Jorg Arndt Springer English
19 Hibernate / Spring / Middlegen / XDoclet Tutorial Tyler Pitchford English
20 CUDA Succinctly (Chris Rose) Chris Rose Syncfusion Inc. English