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1 O'Reilly? High Performance Browser Networking (Ilya Grigorik) Ilya Grigorik O'Reilly Media English
2 Principles of Digital Communication (Robert G. Gallager) Robert G. Gallager Cambridge University Press English
3 Introduction to Networking Technologies (Burnie Blakeley) Burnie Blakeley, Deborah J. Boyd, Steve Smith IBM.Com/Redbooks English
4 Fiber Optic Communications for the Premises Environment ?1999 Kenneth S. Schneide TeleByte English
5 Integrated Communications Management of Broadband Networks David Griffin Crete University Press, Heraklion, Greece English
6 Linux Network Administrator's Guide Olaf Kirch & Terry Dawson O'Reilly
7 Telecommunications Networks - Current Status and Future Trends Jesus Hamilton Ortiz InTech English
8 Thinking Networks - the Large and Small of it (Kieran Greer) Kieran Greer LuLu English
9 Bits, Signals, and Packets: Digital Communications and Networks Hari Balakrishnan, Christopher Terman, and George Verghese Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) English
10 Wireless Communications and Networks - Recent Advances Ali Eksim InTech English
11 TCP/IP Network Administration Craig Hunt O'Reilly
12 High-Speed Networking Technology: An Introductory Survey Harry J. R. Dutton, Peter Lenhard Prentice Hall English
13 Network Troubleshooting Tools Joseph D. Sloan O'Reilly
14 Communication Networks (Sharam Hekmat) Sharam Hekmat PragSoft Corporation English
15 Open Networks (Enric Peig Oliv?) Enric Peig Oliv? Free Technology Academy English
16 Small Office Networking to Connect, Share, and Print - Tutorial Garrick Chow English
17 Optical Communication (Narottam Das) Narottam Das InTech English
18 An Introduction to Computer Networks (Peter L. Dordal) Peter L. Dordal Loyola University Chicago English
19 Communications and Networking (Jun Peng) Jun Peng Sciyo English
20 Voice Communication with Computers: Conversational Systems Christopher Schmandt Van Nostrand Reinhold Computer English