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1 PSpice Tutorial for the OrCAD PSpice Release 9.1 Student Version Part-2 PSpice PSpice
2 Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas Sophocles J. Orfanidis Rutgers University
3 Design of VLSI Systems Dr. Daniel J. MLYNEK, Yusuf Leblebici Freeware
4 Patterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems: Building Reliable Applications with the 8051 Family of Microcontrollers Michael J. Pont TTE Systems
5 Embedded Software Development With ECOS Anthony J. Massa Prentice Hall
6 Principles of Semiconductor Devices B. Van Zeghbroeck Colorado Press
7 Advanced VLSI Design Freeware Freeware
8 Basic Radio J. B. Hoag Vias
9 VHDL Tutorial: Learn by Example Weijun Zhang Freeware
10 An Introductory VHDL Tutorial Green Mountain Computing Systems Green Mountain Computing Systems
11 Vernon's Machine Vision: Automated Visual Inspection and Robot Vision David Vernon David Vernon
12 Guide to Synthesis and Implementation Tools for VHDL Modeling and Design Martin Rosner Freeware
13 Principles of digital communication and coding Andrew J. Viterbi, Jim K. Omura McGraw-Hill
14 The Unauthorized Biography of the Baby Bells and Info Scandal Bruce Kushnick New Networks Institute
15 Computer Architecture and Interfacing to Mechatronic Systems Dr. Dario J. Toncich Chrystobel Engineering
16 Radio Antenna Engineering Edmund A. Laport Snulbug
17 Analog and Mixed-Signal Modeling Using the VHDL-AMS Language Ernst Christen, Kenneth Bakalar, Allen M. Dewey, Eduard Moser Comms
18 Creating a Robust Form of Steganography Joshua Michael Buchanan Wake Forest University Press
19 Formulae and Physical Constants Handbook Department of Power Engineering, Canada Department of Power Engineering, Canada
20 Antenna System Guide W.A. Kissick, W.J. Ingram, J.M. Vanderau, R.D. Jennings Institute for Telecommunication Sciences