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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 eCOS User Guide Free Software Foundation, Inc Free Software Foundation, Inc
2 RFID Essentials Bill Glover and Himanshu Bhatt O'Reilly
3 Using the Electric VLSI Design System Steven M. Rubin Static Free Soft
4 Applied Stochastic Processes and Control for Jump-Diffusions: Modeling, Analysis, and Computation Floyd B. Hanson Cambridge University Press
5 Introduction to Data Communications Eugene Blanchard Eugene Blanchard
6 Application-Specific Integrated Circuits "Michael John Sebastian Smith Addison-Wesley
7 Radio Receivers Miomir Filipovic Mikro Elektronika
8 Embedded System Design Frank Vahid Wiley & Sons
9 VHDL Starters Guide Sudhakar Yalamanchili Georgia Tech
10 The Data Conversion Handbook Walt Kester Analog Devices
11 VHDL Quick Start Peter J. Ashenden Ashenden
12 Cellular Automata and Complexity: Collected Papers Stephen Wolfram Stephen Wolfram
13 Electronic Transformers Reuben Lee Creative Commons License
14 Op Amps for Everyone Ron Mancini Texas Instruments
15 Radio Receivers Miomir Filipovic Mikro Elektronika
16 Handbook of Optical Through the Air Communications David A. Johnson David A. Johnson
17 Introduction to CDMA Michael Hendry Freeware
18 Building ICC Profiles - the Mechanics and Engineering, 01/2000 Dawn Wallner Dawn Wallner
19 Digital Filter Design Zoran Milivojevi? Mikro Elektronika
20 Radio Antenna Engineering Edmund A. Laport McGraw-Hill