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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 Objects and Java: Building Object-Oriented, Multi-Threaded Applications with Java Bill Venners Bill Venners English
2 Essentials of the Java Programming Language Monica Pawlan Sun Developer Network English
3 Java Servlet Programming Jason Hunter with William Crawford O'Reilly English
4 Java 1.2 Unleashed Jamie Jaworski Sams English
5 J2ME: Java on the Mobile Phone Vijay Mukhi English
6 Java Developer's Reference Mike Cohn, Bryan Morgan, Michael Morrison, Michael T. Nygard, Dan Joshi, Tom Trinko Sams Publishing English
7 Animation/Games in Java Jeff Heaton Jeff Heaton English
8 JBD: Java by Definition Bert G. Wachsmuth Bert G. Wachsmuth English
9 Special Edition Using Java 1.1 Joe Weber QUE Corporation English
10 Java Servlets JSPs Sonal Mukhi and Neha Kotecha BPB Publications English
11 Java Distributed Computing Jim Farley O'Reilly English
12 Java Design Patterns Prashant Satarkar English
13 A Java/Swing GUI Framework Bill Wohler Bill Wohler English
14 Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell: A Deskop Quick Reference David Flanagan O'Reilly English
15 Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java Mark Watson Creative Commons Attribution English
16 Java Dynamic Networking with Jini Technology Jennifer Kotzen Jennifer Kotzen English
17 Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics Sun Microsystems, Inc Sun Microsystems, Inc English
18 Java Testing and Design Frank Cohen English
19 Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.0: A Tutorial Freeware Prentice Hall and Sun Microsystems English
20 Interactive Programming In Java Lynn Andrea Stein Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering English