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1 Designing Java Applications for Network Computers Oscar Cepeda, Jens Andexer, Craig Grossi, Timothy Luke IBM
2 Integrating Java with Existing Data and Applications on OS/390 Alex Louwe Kooijmans, Egide Van Aerschot, Mark Cathcart,Antonio Lopriore, Frederic Mora, Elba van Zyl IBM
3 Java Language Reference Mark Grand O'Reilly
4 Introduction To Design Patterns with Java Bob Tarr
5 The Java Native Interface Programmer's Guide and Specification Sun Microsystems, Inc Sun Microsystems, Inc
6 Java in a Nutshell David Flanagan O'Reilly
7 The Official Gamelan JAVA Directory Rebecca Tapley, Nova Spivak, Jack D. Hidary, Murray Hidary, Alexander Day Chaffee EarthWeb, LLC
8 Java Transaction Design Strategies Mark Richards InfoQ
9 The Java Tutorials Sun Sun
10 The Java EE 5 Tutorial Eric Jendrock, Jennifer Ball, Debbie Carson, Ian Evans, Scott Fordin, Kim Haase Sun Microsystems, Inc
11 Sun Mobile Device Technology - Introduction to Mobility Java Technology Sun Microsystems, Inc Sun Microsystems, Inc
12 Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans Ed Roman, Rima Patel, Gerald Bose Wiley
13 Java Au Naturel Dr. William C. Jones, Jr
14 Java Basics Lessons Fred Swartz
15 The Java Language Environment James Gosling, Henry McGilton Sun Developer Network
16 JavaTech: Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java Clark S. Lindsey, Johnny S. Tolliver, and Thomas Lindblad Cambridge University Press
17 Finite-state Automata in Java Bradley Kjell Chortle
18 JavaBoutique Tutorials
19 Java Sound Programmer Guide Sun Microsystems, Inc
20 HIBERNATE - Relational Persistence for Idiomatic Java Gavin King, Christian Bauer, Max Rydahl Andersen, Emmanuel Bernard and Steve Ebersole Red Hat Middleware, LLC