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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 Elementary Mathematics W W L Chen, X T Duong Macquarie University
2 Proofs in Mathematics Alexander Bogomolny Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
3 Engineering Mathematics with Tables M.A. Keasey, G.A. Kline, D.A. McIlhatten The Blakiston company
4 A Introduction to Proofs and the Mathematical Vernacular Martin Day 2009
5 Practical Mathematics for Beginners Frank Castle Macmillan and co
6 Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions Edwin A. Abbot Seeley and Co.
7 Basics of Algebra and Analysis For Computer Science Jean Gallier 2007
8 The Manual of Mathematical Magic Peter McOwan Queen Mary, University of London
9 Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences II Christoph Kirsch University of North Carolina
10 Math Made a Bit Easier: Basic Math Explained in Plain English Larry Zafran CreateSpace
11 Mathematics Illuminated MacGregor Campbell Annenberg Foundation
12 Encyclopaedia of Mathematics Michiel Hazewinkel Springer
13 A Second Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teachers Marcel B. Finan Arkansas Tech University
14 Surreal Numbers: An Introduction Claus Tondering 2005
15 Elements of Applied Mathematics Cobb Herbert E. Ginn and Company
16 An Infinitely Large Napkin Evan Chen MIT
17 Math in Society David Lippman
18 Mathematics for Technical Schools J.M. Warren, W.H. Rutherford Copp, Clark
19 Mathematics for Engineers William Neville Rose Chapman
20 Basic Math Quick Reference Handbook Peter J. Mitas Quick Reference Handbooks