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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 The World of Mathematics Philipp Legner Mathigon
2 Symbolic Logic Lewis Carroll Macmillan and co
3 Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof Ted Sundstrom Pearson Education, Inc.
4 An Introduction to Higher Mathematics Patrick Keef, David Guichard, Russ Gordon Whitman College
5 Galois Lectures J. Douglas, P. Franklin, C.J. Keyser, L. Infeld Morrill Press
6 A Cultural Paradox: Fun in Mathematics Jeff Zilahy Feedbooks
7 Mathematical Discovery A.M. Bruckner, B.S. Thomson, J.B. Bruckner
8 Advanced High-School Mathematics David B. Surowski Kansas State University
9 Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics Farshid Hajir University of Massachusetts
10 How To Write Proofs Larry W. Cusick California State University, Fresno
11 A Scrap-Book of Elementary Mathematics William F. White The Open Court Publishing Company
12 Proofs and Concepts: the fundamentals of abstract mathematics Dave Witte Morris, Joy Morris University of Lethbridge
13 Arithmetic for Engineers Charles B. Clapham Chapman & Hall
14 An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics John Hutchinson Australian National University
15 Higher Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists Ivan S. Sokolnikoff McGraw Hill
16 An Introduction to Mathematics A. N. Whitehead Williams & Northgate
17 An Inquiry-Based Introduction to Proofs Jim Hefferon Saint Michael's College
18 The Game of Logic Lewis Carroll MacMillan
19 The Philosophy of Mathematics Albert Taylor Bledsoe J.B. Lippincott & Co
20 Analysis of Puzzles Umesh Nair 2006