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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 Higher Mathematics for Students of Chemistry and Physics Joseph William Mellor Longmans, Green
2 The Millennium Prize Problems J. Carlson, A. Jaffe, A. Wiles American Mathematical Society
3 Practical Mathematics Cargill Gilston Knott Chambers
4 H2 Mathematics Textbook Yan Min Choo 2016
5 Mathematical Essays and Recreations Hermann Schubert The Open Court Publishing
6 A First Course in Mathematics Concepts for Elementary School Teachers Marcel B. Finan Arkansas Tech University
7 Encyclopedia of Mathematics Kluwer Academic Publishers 2002
8 The Philosophy of Mathematics Auguste Comte Harper & brothers
9 Mathematical Omnibus: Thirty Lectures on Classic Mathematics Dmitry Fuchs, Sergei Tabachnikov American Mathematical Society
10 Handbook of Engineering Mathematics Walter E. Wynne, William Spraragen Van Nostrand
11 Mathematics at the Edge of the Rational Universe Christopher Cooper Macquarie University
12 Shadows of the Truth: Metamathematics of Elementary Mathematics Alexandre Borovik American Mathematical Society
13 Lectures on Fundamental Concepts of Algebra and Geometry John Wesley Young Macmillan and co.
14 An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning Peter J. Eccles Cambridge University Press
15 Philosophy and Fun of Algebra Mary Everest Boole C. W. Daniel
16 Mathematics for the Physical Sciences Herbert S Wilf Dover Publications
17 Super Special Codes using Super Matrices W.B.V. Kandasamy, F. Smarandache, K.Ilanthenral arXiv
18 Foundations of Mathematics Stephen G. Simpson Pennsylvania State University
19 Problems with and Without ... Problems! Florentin Smarandache viXra
20 Aesthetics for the Working Mathematician Jonathan M. Borwein DocServer