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1 Roller Coaster Physics Tony Wayne 1998
2 A Short Introduction to Theoretical Mechanics A. Nony Mous
3 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics for Engineers Ray M. Bowen Springer
4 Lectures on Classical Mechanics John C. Baez University of California
5 Notes on Analytical Mechanics Ingemar Bengtsson Stockholms universitet, Fysikum
6 Applications of the Calculus to Mechanics E.R. Hedrick, O.D. Kellogg Ginn and company
7 Foundations of Mechanics, Second Edition Ralph Abraham, Jerrold E. Marsden Addison-Wesley
8 Variational Principles in Classical Mechanics Douglas Cline River Campus Libraries
9 Introduction to Statics and Dynamics Rudra Pratap, Andy Ruina Cornell University
10 Amateur Physics for the Amateur Pool Player Ron Shepard Argonne National Laboratory
11 Elementary Applied Mechanics A. W. Thomson, T. Alexander MacMillan
12 Continuum Mechanics Zdenek Martinec Charles University in Prague
13 Lecture Notes on Classical Mechanics Sunil Golwala California Institute of Technology
14 Classical Mechanics Robert L. Dewar The Australian National University
15 Mechanics of Rigid Body Janusz Krodkiewski 2008
16 Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics Gerald Jay Sussman, Jack Wisdom The MIT Press
17 Elementary Mechanics from a Mathematician's Viewpoint Michael Spivak University of Georgia
18 Lecture Notes and Exercises on Statics Abdulwahab Amrani 2010
19 Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry Jerrold E. Marsden, Tudor S. Ratiu Springer
20 Classical Mechanics Joel A. Shapiro Rutgers