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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 Exploring Randomness Gregory J. Chaitin Springer Verlag
2 Modern Mechanical Engineering Vol-V A. H. Gibson, Alan E. L. Chorlton The Gresham Publishing Company Ltd.
3 Automated Manufacturing Systems with PLCs Hugh Jack Hugh Jack
4 Nanomaterials - A Sojourn B. Viswanathan National Centre for Catalysis Research, 2006
5 Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification D. Michie, D.J. Spiegelhalter, C.C. Taylor Ellis Horwood
6 Dynamics of Mechanical Systems Janusz Krodkiewski University of Melbourne
7 Superconductivity, Superfluids and Condensates James F. Annett Oxford University Press
8 Classical Mechanics: An introductory course Richard Fitzpatrick Richard Fitzpatrick
9 Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers Karl J. Astrom, Richard M. Murray Princeton University Press
10 Mathematical Tools for Physics James Nearing Miami Education Press
11 Control in an Information Rich World Richard M. Murray Society for Industrial Mathematics
12 Basics of Fluid Mechanics Genick Bar Meir Genick Bar Meir
13 Modern Mechanical Engineering Vol-I A. H. Gibson, Alan E. L. Chorlton The Gresham Publishing Company Ltd.
14 Fuel Cell Handbook U.S. Department of Energy University Press of the Pacific
15 Heat Transfer Chris Long, Naser Sayma BookBoon 2009
16 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics for Engineers Ray M. Bowen Springer
17 Engineering Symbology, Prints and Drawing Volume 1 of 2 Department of Engineering, USA Department of Engineering, USA
18 Introduction to Statics and Dynamics Rudra Pratap and Andy Ruina Oxford University Press
19 Fundamentals of Compressible Flow Mechanics Genick Bar Meir Genick Bar Meir
20 Applied Mechanics Dynamics George W. Housner, Donald E. Hudson California Institute of Technology