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Sl Book Name Author(s) Publisher Language
1 A History of Western Philosophy Bertrand Russell Routledge Classics English
2 Philosophical Fragments (Writings, Vol 7) S?ren Kierkegaard, Edna Hatlestad Hong, Howard Vincent Hong, Johannes Climacus (pseud.) Princeton University Press (NJ) English
3 The Second Sex Simone de Beauvoir, H.M. Parshley (Translator & Editor), Deirdre Bair (Introduction) Vintage English
4 Essays and Lectures Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joel Porte (Editor) Library of America English
5 Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature Richard M. Rorty Princeton University Press English
6 The Will to Power Friedrich Nietzsche, Walter Kaufmann (trans.) Vintage Books English
7 Sophie's World Jostein Gaarder, Paulette M?ller (Translator) Phoenix English
8 Monadology and Other Philosophical Essays Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Paul Schrecker (translator), Anne Martin Schrecker (translator) Prentice Hall College Division English
9 Confessions Augustine of Hippo, R.S. Pine-Coffin (Translator) Penguin Books English
10 Ecce Homo Friedrich Nietzsche, Michael Tanner (Introduction), R.J. Hollingdale (Translation) Penguin Books Ltd English
11 On Liberty and Utilitarianism John Stuart Mill, Alan M. Dershowitz (Introduction by) Bantam Classics English
12 The Varieties of Religious Experience William James Adamant Media Corporation English
13 Letters from a Stoic Seneca, Robin Campbell (Translator) Penguin Books English
14 The Anti-Christ Friedrich Nietzsche, H.L. Mencken (Introduction) English
15 The Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics: World, Finitude, Solitude Martin Heidegger, Nicholas Walker (Translator), William McNeill (translator) Indiana University Press English
16 The Consolation of Philosophy Boethius, Victor Watts (Goodreads Author) (Translator) Penguin Classics English
17 Discourse on the Origin of Inequality Jean-Jacques Rousseau Dover Publications English
18 Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Philosophical Fragments (Writings 12.2) S?ren Kierkegaard, Howard Vincent Hong (Translator), Edna Hatlestad Hong (Translator) Princeton University Press English
19 A Theory of Justice John Rawls Belknap Press English
20 On Liberty John Stuart Mill Penguin Classics English